Avoiding a Technical Hole in your Creative Process

by David Evans - Monday, July 29, 2013

The digital landscape can be a complex and baffling place to inhabit - a bit like the real world really! To make something that works effectively in the landscape, and stands out from the rest, it requires a creative process joined up across a wide range of disciplines. If we're not very careful, holes can appear in the joins.

At Sumac, we've been pushing the concept of the "Creative Technical" for a while now. Largely, I admit, because of our chagrin that the traditionally viewed Creatives Sector of the business (Branding, Design, Marketing, Advertising...) tend to see the technical build as a mere commodity to be bought for the lowest price.

Hence my enthusiasm for reclaiming The Creative on behalf of under-valued coders, database designers and technical architects everywhere.

However we do need to be careful on how the creative processes differ across the disciplines and how they come together as a whole - without leaving any holes. I'm not going to offer a silver bullet, but I do think that one of the most important aspects of a Digital Project is to get everybody involved as early as possible.

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