What is a Digital Agency?

by David Evans - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An interpretation of the role of the digital agency as it applies to Sumac and our consultancy, delivery and support services.

Sumac Consultancy

For Sumac to deliver most effectively it is essential for us to have an overall understanding of our clients' business and their brand. That is why we always ask questions and listen to the responses. We want to hear our clients' concerns and those of their customers, the issues they face and their experience in the digital landscape.  We want to hear about their people and resources, their history, the message they wish to communicate and most importantly their ideas. Ideas are only a starting point and they rarely come fully formed but they are absolutely essential. The realisation of good ideas is what lay at the heart of Sumac.

When we understand our clients' business can we apply what we know about ours. Before any production begins, we know exactly where the project fits within a comprehensive digital strategy. Sumac understands the digital landscape and its impact on our clients' business goals. We think  about any project in relation to other online activity by the client and their competitors. We identify the short and long term value and set clear priorities with measurable outcomes. There is always a return on investment in Sumac.

Sumac Delivery

With clearly defined goals, creativity can flourish. Sumac designs the most effective digital products and sets realistic and appropriate timescales for delivery. We keep a keen eye on online developments and explore  all options to get a sense of what is of real value to our clients. We respect budgets and make sure everyone is clear what is expected of them. When appropriate we work collaboratively with the best in the business. With Sumac, nothing is left to chance, we've thought it through.

When it comes to technical delivery Sumac is second to none. We have a wealth of experience delivering websites,  software, web and mobile applications, databases, games and marketing campaigns. Our in-house delivery team is always fully aware of the business goals and objectives and if they have a concern or question, they will say so. Communication is a key part of the build process and when the deadline comes, there are no nasty surprises. Sumac delivers.

Sumac Support

There is more to support than answering phones and fixing things if they break. Sumac will put everything in place to ensure your business develops and grows online. Top notch hosting is provided as part of the service and when things go wrong, we know before you do. The whole team is up-to-speed so there is always someone on hand to help and offer advice. If there is anything going on that may affect your business, we'll let you know and meet regularly to discuss online developments. Sumac is here to help.

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