A users view of Umbraco CMS

by David Evans - Monday, October 14, 2013

The technical team at Sumac are very enthusiastic about Umbraco from a development perspective. However, I thought it was time I offered some observations on the users view of the CMS. 

I've been using Umbraco for nearly three years now, and am actively managing the content for about a dozen websites. It's a very small percentage of the estimated 23,000 websites currently running the open source CMS, but I think it gives me a reasonable insight as a user.

More often that not, it also falls to me to deliver the training to Sumac's clients on how to user the CMS. So, as you can imagine, I'm always pleased to see how quickly people take to using the system and how much they like it.

Very early on in my relationship with Umbraco, I wrote a blog on the benefits of using a simple CMS - The Humble Content Managment System. At that time, although I didn't mention it in the blog, I was still firmly in the WYSIWYG camp - with the focus for the user on how the content would look on the page.

At first, I have to admit I struggled in moving away from the "Page Management" paradigm. But as things progressed, I grew more comfortable with the idea of not viewing content merely by it's position on the web page, but as an element that could live on several pages at the same time. - Or even as content that can live in a mobile app or published via a webservice.

Making this mind shift is an important aspect of coming to terms with a modern CMS - and it's something I find most of the users "get" fairly quickly, 

I'll follow up this piece with some more observations.

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