Flowers Gallery

A website to showcase the work of Flowers Gallery - a leading independent contemporary art dealer in London and New York.

The Flowers Gallery website was designed and built by Sumac and provides a beautiful environment to explore the work of the artists represented by this well respected contemporary art gallery in London and New York. 

Key features include:

A beautiful online gallery that responds to fill the visitors screen whether viewed on a large desktop monitor or a mobile phone.

Dynamic sliding panels for thumbnails and related information to maximise the viewing area for the works themselves.

Current and future exhibitions are brought to the foreground and past exhibitions found in the archive. The viewer is encouraged to explore using a smooth interactive gallery interface and learn more about the artists involved.

Related exhibitions and artists are all linked to each other as well as to appropriate items in the publications section.

The entire site is managed by Flowers staff using Umbraco: an open-source content management implemented by the Sumac development team.

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