PredictorPro App

Sumac designed and developed an iphone app based on the popular online predictions game PredictorPro.

Sumac designed and developed an iphone app based on our popular online predictions game PredictorPro. The game allows groups of friends to create leagues and predict on the English Premier League matches against one another and allows them to chat in the app via the Banter feature.

We specifically designed the app to be visually appealing, intuitive and simple to use so that users with no previous experience of the game would have no trouble using it.

The key for us when developing the Predictor Pro app was to make sure the user experience of the game was easy & good. This meant making sure the design fitted the young male audience (we went with a grey bullet metal and grass look), that the user interface used best of breed functionality (it is mostly based on the default iphone functionality meaning if you know how to use an iphone you can use our app)  and the database communications in the background were fast and responsive to keep the user interaction speed up at the required levels (a slow interaction speed means a user will wait too long while data loads).  We believe we have achieved these and we are continually improving the app through the addition of new features over the coming months.

Download the App here  to see for yourself and please do send us your comments.

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