PredictorPro is a feature-rich predictions game with a social element designed by creative agency OTM and built, managed and maintained by Sumac.

The sports predictions game  Predictor Pro  was originally developed as a spin off business by the directors of creative agency, OTM.

When Microsoft became interested in incorporating the game into their MSN channels, Sumac was called in to make sure the application was robust enough to support the anticipated increase in traffic.

We re-engineered both the back-end database and front-end interface to roll out across Europe and Asia with MSN bringing multiple games and multiple languages into the mix.

We created a partnering system allowing blue-chip companies to run their own branded PredictorPro games.

Users can: predict the scores in all the main European football leagues, the Grand Prix and popular TV reality shows; create their own leagues to play against friends and exchange private "banter"; play in weekly, monthly and full season games, as well as the unique PrePro Cup to win virtual medals and trophies.

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